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Image Show GK4 Best Free Slideshow Joomla module

Quick info

Release date:
22 February 2012
Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3.2

With this module, you can create a slideshow on a site which includes various images and article fragments or texts defined by a user. Thanks to the slide management system integrated in the module, its support is very easy, intuitive and fast.

Download for Joomla! 2.5Download for Joomla! 3.2

We have increased the module flexibility of the module using Data Sources API and Portal Modes API. Additionally we have rebuilt the module back-end in order to improve the user experience. With the new method of creating module styles, you can easily move your slideshow style from one template to another template. Also, the rebuilt administrative panel enables you to manage slides without additional component use.

In comparison with Image Show GK3 module and Photoslide GK3 component, such changes were implemented:
panel for managing slides built in module options
support for K2 component
two types of content supported: articles and user's own text
module options look totally rebuilt
improved and more flexible module structure
rebuilt structure of the module styles
possibility for installing module styles from different templates
simplified management of the module style custom options
built-in support for native com_media component
built-in native Joomla! article selector in slide configuration
more possibilities for module styles
module ID generated automatically

Thanks to these changes, the Image Show GK4 Module support is easier and more convenient. Slides management from the module level allows you to specify and modify a given module content quickly.


Fixed problem with tooltips in the module manager
Fixed problems with scripts in the gk_game style
Fixed problems with loading slids in the gk_music_state style
Small fixes in the gk_shop_and_buy style
Fixed problems with creating more than one instance in the following styles: bikestore, bluap, creativity, fashion, game, musicstate, publisher, rockwall, shop_and_buy, storebox
Improved gk_game style.
Added support for Joomla! system updates
Added support for the random slides order in the module advanced settings
Added gk_game style.

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