League News and Gavern 3.0

League News and Gavern 3.0

Our latest template – League News is based on the latest version of Gavern Framework 3.0. This version is the last step before the release of Gavern Framework together with a blank template.

Gavern 3.0 is a well-arranged and clean framework version improved with some new functionalities and based on HTML5.

Framework code structure has been changed significantly and a lot of options which were rarely used or could be replaced with some intuitive solutions, have been removed. Our main aim was to simplify a framework basing on our experiences from the previous year. It let us implement some changes in order to speed up and make easier creating templates and their further configuration.

Much attention has to be paid to:

  • support for HTML5
  • a new intuitive column manager (look at the picture below)
  • unified structure of Joomla! native components
  • consistent structure of com_content and K2 components
  • dropped support for IE7 browser
  • rebuilt a mechanism for generating columns and spaces between them; using CSS3 possibilities

Gavern Framework 3.0 Layouts

A full list of changes is placed below:

  • HTML5 based
  • added html5shim script for IE8
  • added prefixfree script ( http://leaverou.github.com/prefixfree/ )
  • dropped support for IE7
  • ie7.css now contains popup for IE <= 7
  • menu.*.css content moved to the menu.css file
  • reset CSS removed instead of it we're using normalize.css
  • changes in the framework and layouts code to get a clearer code
  • Selectivizr is now always enabled for IE <= 8
  • Selectivizr updated from 1.0.0 to 1.0.2
  • Instapaper, Digg, Delicious buttons removed from Social API
  • Facebook layout is now always facebook.php file (option to select removed)
  • Option Message position removed
  • Cleaning in the language file
  • Options Mainbody frontpage and Mainbody subpages removed now override is made by the mainbody position on a frontpage and before/after mainbody user can use positions mainbody_top and mainbody_bottom
  • ie7.css, ie8.css and ie9.css files moved to the ie/ directory
  • menu stylesheets moved to the menu/ directory
  • typography stylesheets moved to the typography/ directory
  • Added removing of the system message container if it is empty
  • K2 new cleaned override files
  • k2.css new much cleaner structure and code
  • moved code from the frontend items editor to the joomla.css file to avoid including general.css and system.css files
  • simplified and unified code of the menu
  • option "Show Title" removed from the GK Extended Menu Parameters instead of it, please use native "Add menu title" option
  • Added support for the menu images.
  • Menu scripts moved to the one file gk.menu.js.
  • Added in the template options option to set menu columns width
  • New, simplified and cleaner structure of the template layouts
  • New cleaner structure of the framework code
  • New cleaner structure of the template images/ directory
  • Style switcher now gets style names from the language file
  • all paddings and margins for blocks are generated by generateLayout function  in the head section
  • new cleaner pagination script
  • Cleaner and unified Joomla! core components override files (similar to K2)
  • fixed problems with the split function in the admin interface elements
  • Added possibility to adjust every column in the layout
  • Menu columns width styles moved to the template head section.
Last modified onFriday, 09 March 2012 11:18
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