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GavickPro WordPress Theme Features

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

Thanks to the mechanisms we’ve built into the GavernWP framework, creating websites based on Responsive Web Design is simple. Our responsive themes will give your users the full, intuitive site experience on all web-browsing devices, whether desktop, tablet or mobile.

Fluid layout

A fluid layout, sometimes called a liquid layout, adjusts itself to any browser window or screen resolution to maximize the efficiency of your screen real-estate.

New Web Technology only

All our WordPress themes are completely HTML5-based, with extensive use of CSS3 to provide a unique style and effects to your website without sacrificing performance or accessibility.

Cross-Browser Support

Our WordPress themes are fully-compatible with all modern browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Convenient User Interface

With a clear, understandable tabs layout, finding the the right setting takes only a moment. And with an option for exporting configurations, you can move a theme’s settings between multiple GavernWP installations without any headaches. What’s more, each theme’s key options are viewable in a Live Preview panel.

Convenient User Interface

Custom fonts

All our WordPress themes have integrated support for both Google and Squirrel fonts in the options panel.


A navigation panel lets you adjust menu settings and add/remove or change the link order with ease.

Social API

Let users login using their Facebook account, and easily add social media buttons to your site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more.


Change the design elements of your website; you may adjust the website’s structure to your needs thanks to the layouts tab.


Adjust a page’s footer and the website’s logo-types all on the same page thanks to each theme’s branding options, or in the administration panel if preferred.


The Gavern Framework offers built-in SEO options that allow for easy modification of a page’s title and lets you manage metatags, keywords and descriptive content for entries and subpages at an entry-editor level.

Advanced typography

Advanced Typography

Each of our themes include prepared solutions and concepts to enrich an entry’s content. Access these elements with ease with a dedicated typography button built into the post editor.

Extremely Flexible

Because we use the JSON format for each themes’ configuration, configuring and modifying the management panel is easy and adding additional options takes just a few moments.

Additionally, thanks to the flexible API, creating new fields for your own ideas is easier than ever.

New improvements still to come

The current stable release of GavernWP is just the beginning; we have a wealth of ideas worth implementing and we will continue to release improvements regularly.

Adjusted to translationsLanguages
WPML support in all our themes makes translation simple; translate all the elements of a page without unnecessary stress.
Lots of details that deserve attention
A social API, OpenGraph support and administration options are just some of the many solutions provided to make your life easier.
Pages built-inPages
We create additional pages in our themes to save you time; contact pages, gallery views and more let you achieve the exact look your require.

Widgets Management

GavernWP fills in the gaps of WordPress’ functionality, especially those that are of the utmost importance for advanced users. Managing widgets is easy with our powerful configuration options.

Widget Rules
Managing widgets on a completely different level
With a mechanism for specifying additional rules for widgets, you can specify exactly which subpages a given widget will be visible on.
Widget styling in seconds
Creating and assigning widget styles is the next major improvement for administrators, and it’s already here! Now widget style changes are achievable without any hassle at all.
Manage users
Control which users see what widgets; hide elements from unregistered users while giving registered users the complete experience, or provide administrators additional options.
Manage devices
If you have a widget specifically for mobile devices or tablets, or an element just won’t work on mobile screens, our extensive widget management options give you the power to control which device sees which widgets quickly and easily.
Widget Layout
Content - Sidebar

Content - Sidebar

Sidebar - Content

Sidebar - Content

Content - Inset - Sidebar

Content - Inset - Sidebar

Sidebar - Inset - Sidebar

Sidebar - Inset - Content

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