SP Page Builder: Best drag and drop page & content builder for any Joomla site

Developing a website that is going to work as the front warrior of your endeavours depends on some inevitable contributing factors like time, cost, expertise and planning. Ensuring the proper utilization of these contributing factors sometimes brings up a time consuming and lengthy circumstance. But you can’t afford that as the outer world is spinning fast and you need a kickstart to go ahead. Today we are going to present a tool that will give you an ultimate solution to your problems and will get your website a fast, operative and eye-catching design with its ease of access and numerous functionalities.

SP Page Builder is a visual page composer tool with powerful drag and drop system. Whether you are a beginner or professional, it doesn’t matter, as SP Page Builder serves everyone with awesome functionalities to make you the privileged one. It is a very flexible and powerful visual page composer packed with zillions of elementary crucial features for quick and effective layout building. Without the need of coding a line, you can create complex and elegant websites with its drag and drop page editing tools. Recent times SP Page Builder is the most popular drag and drop page builder in JED.

Page Builder

Why do You Need SP Page Builder?

Developing complex layouts in Joomla, making it responsive and maintaining the design can be painstaking time to time. It requires quite a bit of brainstorming to maintain these things all at once. So let’s take a look at how SP Page Builder can help you having a hassle-free web developing experience. You can try SP Page Builder here and can justify its features and editors awesomeness.

Build everything visually without coding

SP Page Builder introduces a completely feature rich interface of visual page building where you can build everything by just dragging things without writing a single line of code. You just need to add rows, columns and addons to get the perfect design elements in your website. With SP Page Builder frontend editor, everything becomes editable. You can change content positions, add new contents, add new design elements and do more in just a few mouse clicks.

visual building

Intelligent automated responsive site building

You may be in depth desire of being relieved from all the brainstorming and hundreds of lines of coding to make your website responsive and mobile friendly. Well, this is where SP Page Builder can come to your rescue. Whatever you build with SP Page Builder is automatically fully responsive and mobile friendly. If you add some texts, images, videos or any kind of media files and design elements, SP Page Builder will automatically convert them to be inside the screen and stay fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Real Time Website Design

Typically, while building your website, you need to do some coding first and then go on to see the changes to your design but that certainly costs you myriads of time and efforts. But with SP Page Builder, you see the changes live. Do the customization with its frontend editor and see the changes on your webpage instantly. This enables you to maximize your efforts and lets you save time for doing some chilling and sipping coffee.

real time development

Save Development Cost

The tool is outlandishly efficient in reducing the development costs of a complete website. Development cost depends on the time and effort to build the website. SP Page Builder reduces the total efforts to a miraculous extent, and that leads to a decreasing result of a complete development time. With less time and effort, the total cost of development cuts back to a significant number.

Super Fast Site Building

The two editors, backend and frontend editors, the addons and all other tools are lightening fast and bring results in all sort of quickest way possible. The editors’ ease of access and quick functionalities let you maintain a great pace while developing your website.

SEO & SMM Optimised

The importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) can’t go as an undermining factor in development and growth of your website. SP Page Builder gives you the total collection of search engine optimization features. It currently uses page title, meta tags, meta keywords, thumbnail images and open graph data for the perfect SEO and SMM.

Works with any Template

If you have decided that you will give SP Page Builder a shot, one question can certainly pop into your mind that “what if page builder doesn’t work with my template? What if it is not compatible with my framework? Will my current extension behave the same way with SP Page Builder?”. Well, SP Page Builder works with almost every Joomla template on the planet and compatible with all the frameworks available. You can use it on your site without any glitch of hesitation.

Developer Friendly

SP Page Builder is very developer friendly which offers the developers a way to create goodies for the tool. Developers can create new addons for SP Page Builder and use them with the tool via plugins. In short, developers can develop addons for the page builder and integrate them with the tool via plugins. Also, developers have the privilege to resell their own developed addons for SP Page Builder.

Quick Editing Experience with JCE and TinyMCE editor

SP Page Builder comes with JCE editor support which enables you to use JCE facilities inside the page builder text editing interface. So you have a new editor to ease up your work if you don’t want to use TinyMCE editor.

Drag and Drop Media Manager

The native media manager of SP Page Builder is one of the good things of the page composer to give you a hassle free web development experience. Adding Images, videos and other media files to your website is really fast and easy with SP Page Builder. Its well decorated design will allow you to upload media files and insert them to your desired position in a much smarter way. Search files, categorise stuff, browse folders and use other in house features to reduce your time and effort.

Use Pre-designed Layouts

SP Page Builder comes with 11 pre-built template layouts and more are on the way to give you a head start while developing your website. Pre-built layouts are there to tweak them to your own layout. You can easily customize these layouts and generate your own magics. SP Page Builder developer team is continuously introducing more and more pre-built templates and they have plans to reach a milestone of 50+ readymade layouts in the quickest time period.

SP templates

Rich Addon Collection for Building Powerful Sites

Addons are the heart of the page builder. Each addon contains separate functionalities and each of them has its own job to do on the web page. Also amazing styling options come with every addon. With addons, you don’t have to do all the hard works of integrating required functionalities to your web pages. The addons will do all the hard work on behalf of you. As an example, with the ‘Gallery’ addon, you just need to add your gallery images, rest of the work will be done by the addon.

Rich addon list

Page Builder as a visual editor in Articles

Joomla default editor has thousands of limitations while styling your article to make it more appealing and eye-catching. You can add SP Page Builder as your visual editor in Articles. It will offer amazing stylings and certain looks to your article to display the content in a more efficient way.

sp page builder editor

Page Builder as a visual editor for K2 and J2Store

SP Page Builder supports popular content extension K2 to edit and style your K2 powered contents. Also, SP Page Builder lets you decorate J2Store item descriptions to make them more efficient for gaining the best conversion rate.

Page Builder as Joomla Module

You can use SP Page Builder’s addons in Joomla module positions with SP Page Builder module. It empowers you to generate stunning designs in module positions without coding.

Multilingual Support

SP Page Builder offers total freedom in languages. SP Page Builder works natively while developing your site in your language.

multilingual support

Final Words

SP Page Builder is certainly evolving quickly to introduce the community to a faster web developing experience. The above portion of this article describes well developed features of the page builder that certainly offers fast and flexible development experience. It’s like having tools in the both hands waiting for you to start doing the real time live web design and development. It’s definitely a product worth to look at. With current 200,000+ users worldwide, SP Page Builder is certainly a fast growing Joomla page builder that is indeed introducing an era for amazing Joomla website building.

Download: SP Page Builder

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This article was first published April 8th, 2017