How quickly create a FAQ page?

Of course, the usual number of extensions for Joomla! 1.5 is great, but when you have already chosen the latest version of CMS, Joomla! 1.6, the choice is very narrows.

JomSocial 2.2 – positive surprise for us

JomSocial 2.2 is almost ready, since Mar 11 20011 is available a version 2.2 RC1. Changes are few, one of the most important, however, remain a possibility to install in Joomla! 1.6. See what changes to the extension developer is preparing for the next version.

Blank component and module

Imagine two situations, you need to publish one or more modules on the subpage, but without the unnecessary publication of the article or component. Second, you have no programming knowledge, and having a useful php code you want to use it as a module.

Why still every hacker know my Joomla! better than me ?

Perhaps the biggest advantage and disadvantage of every OpenSource CMS is that anyone can download full source code, from any corner of the earth, at any time, without any restrictions. That’s why, it’s easy for an attacker to determine if your site is running Joomla! All he has to do is to add “/administrator” to the URL and look for the login panel. He knows weak points, sometimes better than you.

How to improve modules, and what changes has brought to us Joomla 1.6

Any version of Joomla comes packed with dozens of built-in modules that offer many possibilities, which skillfully used cause that you can build many different types of websites. Most of the items you can around the edge of front page are modules; even the menu or login form is a module. This can be compared to a building with Lego bricks. Yes, do you still feel this sentiment to a youthful playground?

Sorting for breakfast, a table frenzy

Sometimes, you get an order from a client a “simple requires” which can take you either a lot of time or or you have an idea how to do it quickly and well. Surely, you know that your client loves tables, since they do it in Excel, they want to have them on the Joomla web site, preferably in such form as they have in Calc program.

Hard condition of being translator of Joomla! components, modules, etc..

Unfortunately, I am sad to admit that it is very hard to get the extension, which completely and easily can be translated into another language. As you know, not everyone speaks English. Anyone who has ever tried to translate component or module between two different languages will understand the problems associated with language translation.

?tp=1 – Who has my reading glasses?

For some time now we can enjoy the new version of Joomla, despite the many advantages it has referred to several “failures”. One of them is a preview of module positions, in this article I will show you how to deal with it, both in both versions of Joomla!: 1.6 and joomla 1.5, as well.

Joomla – For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only is the twelfth spy film in the James Bond series. I made reference to the title for the simple reason that I wanted to hide the web site (intranet) built using Joomla against unauthorized people.

Gavern Framework – an Introduction

While creating Gavern Framework, we have used our experiences from creating templates based on T3 Framework and from common problems which faced our customers. Gavern Framework is the combination of our templates best solutions, the same as, our ideas which solve a lot of problems occurred. It is also worth mentioning, that we have paid attention to functionalities, which seemed to be omitted for a long time, needed while creating up to the modern websites.