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Third-Party Extensions

JomSocial is a very popular 3rd-party component useful in establishing social networking / community services based on a Joomla website. This component has supported Joomla 2.5.x since JomSocial version 2.2.

This is not a free component. However, for subscribers to GavickPro template packages, we offer a code which discounts the cost of the JomSocial component.

GavickPro templates which implement the JomSocial component are best implemented as part of a Quickstart installation package. A component from must be downloaded and installed after completion of the Quickstart installation. If these instructions are followed, all data included in the template’s demo content at will be implemented following component installation.

GavickPro offers two Joomla extensions which work with the JomSocial component. These are:

  • GK JomSocial Stats – a small module which displays basic statistics about JomSocial users
  • GK JomSocial Members – a module which displays user profile information

These modules are included with the GavickPro templates designed with support for JomSocial and are located in the rest_files package in the modules catalog.

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This article was first published April 10th, 2011