Joomla Tabs Module

Pack your webpages with information, links, updates or whatever else takes your fancy, in flashy, supremely customizable tabs provided by the powerful free Tabs module for Joomla..

Complex data-loaded tabs created in an instant

Fast, convenient and flexible for the professional site manager; when you want your users to have a range of information at their fingertips, Joomla Tabs is the way to go. Multiple preprepared tab styles provide a perfect content delivery platform for a range of needs, whether you're looking to have simple comment or latest article tabs in the sidebar, or want to integrate full-width tabs into your frontpage. Superb flexibility allows for a huge number of tabs and variations to really diversify your website.

Tabs for simple and complex website requirements

Placing content in tabs lets you pack more content than ever into your available site space, and the intuitive layout is easy for even beginner internet users to understand. With Tabs GK5, you may display content from your full range of available modules as you desire; create informative text tabs, display category links, or combine it with our amazing News Show Pro module and display complex, auto-updating article previews that bring your latest creations direct to your users.

Try something new with a range of special layouts

When you hear "tabs", you probably think of simple boxes in the sidebar. This module goes much further than that, offering styles that create a unique look for your website. Add tabs to your frontpage that link through multiple layers of content, create full-width image or text sections and let users click to switch between multiple versions; our development team come up with incredible new design concepts regularly so you can put content first.

Extensive options allow for effortless modification and control

This great extension doesn't arbitrarily limit you to just a few tabbed areas; add multiple tab areas, each pulling from ten different module positions and you'll find that this module deals with it with ease! Scaling means your tabs will fit perfectly with responsive web pages, and several animations can be assigned to transitions to complete the sleek package.

Get an intuitive, helpful tab tool today; open-source and available for download right now for all our registered members!

What's new?

Added new animation styles
Fixed PHP Notice messages
Other small improvements and fixes
Fixes for PHP notice messages
Joomla 3.3 compatibility improvements
Added support for Joomla! 3.2
Download (J! 2.5)Download (J! 3)
Updated on
Joomla! 3.9 ,J4.x
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