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  1. What payment methods are supported?
  2. What is GavickPro's release schedule for themes and updates?
  3. Can I cancel or refund my subscription?
  4. I can't remember my username and password!
  5. I have paid for themes but not yet received login details
  6. I purchased a WordPress, can I switch to Joomla?
  7. Can I upgrade from the Pro Plan to Pro Plus or Developer Plan

Themes usage

  1. Can I use your themes on my clients' websites?
  2. Can I remove the copyright from the footer?
  3. Is it possible to resell GavickPro Joomla templates?


  1. Technical support have asked for access data to my website, how do I send it to them?
  2. Do you provide customization services?
  3. What info should I add to my support forum post to get fast, effective support?

What payment methods are supported?

GavickPro accepts three types of payments: Credit Cards (including Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and American Express),PayPal, Stripe and bank transfer.

Paying via Paypal, either via credit card or Paypal account, is the fastest and safest method of payment. Once payment has been processed your account will be automatically updated with access to your purchased theme(s), so you may start downloading right away!

You may also purchase our products using a Paypal eCheck. However, with this method payment will take approx. 3-5 working days to clear; your account will be activated automatically after this payment is completed.

If you do not or cannot use the above methods, you may also pay via bank transfer. This is not a very convenient method as it takes a minimum of two days to complete. Please include your username and email address in the title of the payment so that we may distinguish your payment from others. Once the bank transfer has been arranged please send details to us(username, email address and purchased package/theme) via our Billing & Account helpdesk; we will activate your account once payment is cleared. Should you wish to pay via bank transfer, please contact our billing and account support team via the helpdesk, who will provide the necessary information. Please note that you will be responsible for any additional charges related to the transfer if any.

In the event that you encounter issues with payment, account activation etc... please notify us via the support helpdesk and we will be happy to assist you.

What is GavickPro's release schedule for Joomla! templates and WordPress themes and updates?

We aim to release one new Joomla! template every 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the template. The WordPress theme version of our design is usually released 2 weeks after the Joomla release. On occasion, there will be a delay to the release of the template/theme due to bug-fixing or the implementation of additional features.

We support our 24 most recent Joomla! template and WordPress theme releases with updates; in practice, this results in a support period of up to 30 months after release. Upgrades to our templates or themes are usually released every 1.5 months; sometimes these are minor bug fixes, and other times entirely new features or extension-support will be added. Outside of our usual update schedule, when a new stable version of Joomla! or WordPress is released, we aim to update our supported templates/themes to the new version within 2 weeks except when major bugs that require additional work are caused by the update, in which case a short additional delay may result.

Can I cancel or refund my purchase?

We're confident that our Joomla templates and WordPress themes will meet your expectations with regards to their quality and functionality; we offer extensive documentation to assist you with getting to grips with and customizing our products, and our developers stand ready to assist you with any setup or configuration issues you may encounter in our support forum so that you may get the best from our templates. If you've purchased a theme and are encountering issues, we would encourage you to take advantage of our support network to help you get comfortable.

However, if you have used our support channels and read our documentation and are still not satisfied, we'll offer you a quibble-free refund within the first 7 (seven) days after your purchase; all we ask it that you provide us with some helpful feedback so that we can aim to win you back in the future! Simply get in touch with our Billing & Account team via our support ticket system and they will make the necessary arrangements.

Refunds will be denied to users not adhering to fair usage, including downloading all files and then requesting refunds. As our products are delivered entirely digitally and we are unable to regulate the distribution and use of our products once downloaded it is necessary that some controls are in place to prevent unauthorized use of our templates and themes.

I can't remember my username and password!

Don't worry! If you cannot remember your password or username please use the contact form in our support desk to contact our billing support team, ensuring to include any information that might be helpful in identifying your account such as the email address, your full name, the transaction ID from your Paypal payment etc... and we will search for your details and reset as necessary.

I have paid for themes but not yet received login details

Normally, our system will create the account automatically upon receipt of a successful payment. There are some cases that your payment isn't successful and we have to manually confirm and activate your account. Contact our Billing & Account team via our Support Desk and they will be happy to assist you with accessing your download.

How can I upgrade from the Pro Plan to Pro Plus or Developer Plan?

You can use the upgrade option in your user section post login and pay the difference amount. You may also get in touch with us via support desk for such requests. We will arrange for your upgrade and provide an amended invoice as needed.

Can I use my purchased GavickPro Joomla! templates or WordPress themes on my clients' websites?

Yes! By purchasing any of our themes or templates you are free to use them however you wish; whether for personal or commercial use on your own or your clients' sites.

Yes, you are perfectly free to remove or modify the Gavick.com copyright (or logo) information in the footer; the only area you may not remove our copyright is from the code itself, which will not be visible to your users. You will find options to change or remove the footer in the 'Features' tab of the template options if you're using one of our Joomla templates built on the Gavern Framework, or in the 'Theme Branding' tab of the template options if you're using one of our WordPress themes, which are built on the GavernWP Framework. For more information on this and the other features found in our Gavern Framework, please read our documentation here for Joomla, or here if you are using our themes built on GavernWP for WordPress.

Is it possible to resell Joomla! templates?

The reselling of all or part of our Joomla! templates are strictly prohibited. However, you may sell your completed projects that are based on our Joomla! templates to your clients as a completed website.

Technical support have asked for access data to my website, how do I send it to them?

If you have asked for assistance in our technical support forum and our technical support team require access data to your installation or ftp server in order to diagnose the issue, please send a message to one of our moderators. In order to do this, please select the "New Message" button from the top bar (which is available on the forum page after logging in), then compose a message and insert your data.

If a particular moderator has requested access and asked for you to send the details to them via pm, you may send them a private message by clicking on their username and selecting "Send private message" on the subsequent profile screen. It is good practice to include the link to the forum thread in the title of the message, otherwise, the message may be ignored as spam.

Do you provide customization services?

We currently offer customization services for our templates, themes and modules, but as we are focused on delivering the latest and greatest Joomla! templates and WordPress themes, as well as modules, widgets and updates this only extends to modifying our current products; we cannot commit to extensive customisation (such as making a non-responsive template responsive) or custom templates. If you are in need of customization services beyond the scope of regular support you can get in touch with our friends at TidyCustom.

For our pharmacist friends, who would like to start their own online website using Gavick templates. Do note that they can prepare for the Diploma in Pharmacy Exit Exam (DPEE) by referring to the DPEE exit exam courses.

What info should I add to my support forum post to get fast, effective support?

Our team of experts that moderate our forum is exceptionally knowledgeable and can assist with a wide range of issues, both simple and complex. However, in order to ensure that they provide the exact solution that you require they will need to have some specifics regarding your issue to help them with diagnosing the cause. Your forum post should include:

  • A link to your site where the issue resides, if possible - When seen in context it may be much easier to visualize the cause of the issue and ascertain the proper steps to be taken to resolve it.
  • A description of your issue; try to be as clear as possible and include as much information as you are able to, including recent changes, any steps that you have taken to resolve etc... so that our experts have the full picture.
  • The Joomla! or WordPress version that your site is using.
  • If the issue is regarding modules/components/scripts, please include the PHP and MySQL version your site is using.
  • Your own thoughts as to what the issue may be; if you have made multiple changes to your site before noticing the issue your own personal opinion may help to direct our experts in the right direction, which can save a lot of time.
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