Image Show - Photo Slider for Joomla

Classic slideshows combined with cutting-edge design and features that brings traditional sliders and content delivery kicking and screaming into the modern online world. Loaded with amazing style and layout options, Image Show is the ultimate Slideshow tool for Joomla.

Amazing article and content slider tool

Slideshows are an interesting way to build brand awareness, as well as a visually-appealing element of a page with the right design sensibilities. Image Show represents an evolution in how slideshows are created and designed, taking the traditional look you'd expect from a slider module, but expanding beyond its limitations with beautiful original portal modes and extensive options let you create your own slides, or pull slides automatically from your latest articles to keep your frontpage image rotation fresh and unique. Choose from a range of flashy module styles, including full-width pictures, paginated headers and large background image rotators. Easy to install and easy to configure, you'll have a classy slideshow up in minutes.

Impress first-time visitors with exciting slide designs

For some users slideshows and other traditional image display modules are old hat and not worth using, but experienced, considered design can impress audiences like no other. Image Show doesn't just stick to the basic slide format; unique looks can be imported to add a spectacularly original take on your content. From background slideshows that act as content framing devices to text and animated icon slides that move away from traditional images; with the right custom style your site can amaze and delight.

Simplicity in customization, from adding tabs to modifying styles

Don't battle through endless pages of enigmatic options that get you no closer to building a top of the range frontpage; Image Show uses a flexible module structure with clear, understandable tabs in the options. Even better, tooltips provide extra info on what goes into each option if you're unclear, so no need to play guessing games just to get things setup. Adding slides is easy, with separated, expandable blocks for each slide so you can customize each in an individual way without confusion.

Extra slideshow controls complete the package

It's the little touches that make a difference, and here you'll find extra features that make for a usable customer-pleasing front. Pagination options let users scroll through images at will or you can set your own rotation interval, while animated transitions add an extra visual dimension to your site. Want to overlay some text or link the slide to another part of your site? Image Show is ready with the settings you need to make this a reality.

Additional data source support allows for speedy content updates

Slides don't necessarily have to include images; text and icons are also supported for a flat-design focused frontpage. Looking to promote your articles with slides? The datasource options in this module let you instantly pick your article from a list, and the content for the slide is immediately pulled from the article, no extra work required. Support is included for K2, the most popular Joomla content management extensions currently available, as well as the standard Joomla article manager, so no matter your preference you can take advantage of these great features.

Expertly-built for beginners, but feature-rich for experienced developers too

Image Show is incredibly easy to use even for beginners, but what about when you're skill level climbs and you want to start adding a personal touch? Our developers have already prepared for that, with automatic or manual module ID assignments for easy code targeting, a simplified module structure that's easy to follow, and module suffix fields so you can add unique CSS styling to multiple instances of the module on a single page, hassle-free. Get a fast, modern slideshow on your site today and reap the benefits of great design!q

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