(M)Social Media Joomla Template

A stylish template for budding social networks, it combines a visually-striking metro-style grid header that is fully-configurable to your needs with the robust features of the premier Social Networking extension for Joomla, JomSocial, for a flexible mobile and tablet-compatible theme that will make running an online community a breeze.

Change your Grid layout and content with our free Joomla module.

The impressive header in (M)Social is provided by our amazing free module, Grid GK5. Offering unparalleled control over your layout, you can set each block in the grid to a size of your choosing and instantly see how it will adjust to each screen size. What's more, you can display any module's content in each block, including JomSocial streams, text, images, or anything else that comes to mind!

Extra custom HTML frontpage elements highlight your website's strengths.

What use is having a set of great options for your site's members if they don't know about them? As well as an impressive metro-header, (M)Social also delivers with custom HTML layouts for highlighting reasons to join your site, as well as a blog preview section created with our own NSP module, with titles, text previews, images and read more buttons for a complete article highlight. Each option can be individually toggled to let you change the look as you see fit.

Full Support for the JomSocial Joomla Extension; perfect for a community site

A strong social networking website needs the infrastructure to handle large numbers of users, who can each post their own status updates and maintain their own personal page, as well as allow sharing of all types of media content, including pictures and video. Thankfully, JomSocial delivers on all these fronts and much more, with remarkable user-friendly features you won't be able to do without.

Advanced typography and other bonuses expand your creative vision.

As with all our Joomla templates, (M)Social is based on our Gavern Framework, which allows you to modify important theme elements in seconds. Change or remove copyright information, switch widths, select different color schemes and more. Advanced typography adds to your content, with multiple interesting ways to format your text to make it something special. Plus, if you're interested in letting people run multiple blogs, we've also included support for the great blogging extension, EasyBlog.

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Updated on:
28 Sep, 2023
Minimum Requirements
Joomla 3.9
Responsive, 2 columns

Tags:K2EasyBlogJomsocialSocial networkingResponsive

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(M) Social - Social Joomla Template
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