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Having a wedding website for a wedding day could be very helpful to help you connect with your friends, show more info about your wedding party, share happy moments, and more. GK Wedding Joomla template is the perfect solution to quickly build a beautiful website for your wedding party. It's super easy to install and setup, using the quickstart package, you have a complete website like our demo site, just update graphics, content then you can get it live and share with your guests.

This beautifully versatile template coupled with rich design elements and typography would help to energize your site content transforming it into one of the perfect templates to share wedding information and details, a glimpse of photos, track and manage RSVP eventually forming the greatest Curated Wedding Website resulting in easily connecting with your guests - your niche audience.

Key features of the Versatile GK Wedding template in a nutshell..

  • One-page landing page with easy anchor links pointing to varied customizable modules
  • Super easy and fast to install with the Quickstart package providing replicate of the demo site - Update your content and graphics following the documentation page and the site is ready to skyrocket!
  • Track and Manage RSVPs form with GK reservation - The robust extension extended to custom module with the power of syntax, so you will exactly know how many people to expect which makes the invite - confirmation process much easier
  • Document wedding memories on the landing page with slideshow powered by robust Image Show GK4
  • Out of the box Blog page design with more layout options to choose from - Feel free to document your entire engagement experience till the wedding bells!
  • Varied Custom Pages customized and styled with distinguishable looks like contact, login form, 404 Error page e.t.c
  • Based on powerful and intuitive Gavern framework, supporting megamenu system
  • In-built integration of FontAwesome and Flaticon - The world's most popular and easiest to use icon sets.

And finally to add to the list, Building a Wedding site would enable you to save money and time on invites so you can imagine the huge monetary costs and time you will be saving.

Template design at a glance.

creative joomla template for wedding sites
Beautiful wedding Joomla template

This Versatile GK Wedding template helps you quickly build a complete website for your wedding day with built-in content sections, easy-to-customize modules and custom styled pages even if someone is a newbie or starter for Joomla, with quickstart package deployment

One page style Joomla template for wedding sites

one page Joomla template for wedding website
One page Joomla wedding template

Versatile GK Wedding template is a one-page template with a stunning sticky megamenu system allowing ease of accessibility. The homepage splits into multiple sections, with anchor links that take you to the module being rendered on the homepage.

Wishing to extend the site to specific custom pages apart from the landing page? Yes, It can be done! Additional custom or defined component-rendering pages can be isolated from the landing page with the creation of usual Joomla menu items.

Blog page that actually matches the Core Template Design.

blog page for Joomla wedding template
Blog page

The blog page has a modern sleek design, centered layout aligning with the template design. The blog page layout can also be extended to the next level by changing Blog Layout parameters whilst ensuring that design elements retain the similar design and Voila! You will have a different layout completely different from the default one.

Fully responsive design

Responsive wedding Joomla template
Responsive Joomla template for wedding sites

Versatile GK Wedding template automatically resizes, hide certain elements which can’t accommodate smaller screens, shrink, or get enlarged to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones) so you can imagine the major hard work already done by our team.

Also, To suffice with limited space on responsive mobile mode and aid usability, The main menu by default, transitions into off-canvas navigation.

Responsiveness can make your site a rewarding site for Google search engine as Google had already started using mobile-friendliness as an imperative ranking signal.

See some of GK Wedding Template pages being displayed beautifully in Responsive Devices..

responsive joomla template for wedding
Home page
GK Wedding joomla template blog page
Blog page
GK Wedding Joomla registration page
Registration page
Joomla off canvas menu
Mobile menu

Default Joomla Pages already customized and styled to next level.

joomla default pages
Supports all Joomla default pages

The wedding Joomla template supports all Joomla default pages with customized style to be more beautiful and fit the template design.

  • Contact us page - Get connected with an info-packed contact page, including email, contact form.
  • Under Construction page - Build anticipation with this expertly designed under construction page, with a countdown timer Nothing increases urgency, anticipations or conversions more than having this feature.
  • Error page - Custom designed already packed with link to homepage to get visitor back to where he/she intended to actually go henceforth decreasing bounce rate and increasing User Experience.
  • Search / Smart Search page - Search fields and tabs enriched with rich design!

In case, you missed it and much more…

Versatile GK Wedding template already comes pre-equipped with most of flagship GK modules in which special template specific output have been created for some of the hand-picked coupled with functionality enhancements like News Show Pro GK5 and Image Show GK4.

The pre-equipped extensions can be downloaded from the download page separately if the quickstart package hasn't been deployed. and template installed separately.

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Updated on:
05 May, 2024
Minimum Requirements
Joomla 4 & Joomla 5
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