Highlighter GK5

When the big scoops hit your site, you'll want them to be noticed. Use Highlighter to add smooth, flowing ticker-style news rotators anywhere on your site to get eyes on your new articles the instant they're posted.

Post preview rotator for breaking news

News tickers have never gone out of fashion, they've just adapted to their ever-changing mediums. People want to be connected to the pulse of the latest news no matter whether they're on the road or online, and with Joomla Highlighter you can provide the instantly-updating news ticker service they desire on your website. Source from your latest posts or categories, set preview lengths and other options, and then let Highlighter auto-update and take care of the rest. You'll be getting views and connections from around your site, building your network into a sophisticated, respected newsroom.

A range of display animations draw attention to your news

When you want to get your posts seen, you need to make the links attractive and persuasive. Your writing is half the battle, but an elegant frame for the link will take care of the rest. Highlighter comes packed with animations to rotate your previews, including slides, reveal, fade and flip animations, and even more besides! Each animation is quickly selectable so you're free to play and test until you find the right fit for you.

Multiple sourcing options to highlight your newest or greatest articles

News tickers aren't up to much if they aren't kept updated, so we just cut out the stress and made it automated. Take your pick from K2 or Joomla articles or categories, and the module will handle the heavy lifting. You can also choose how many articles are rotated through, to avoid oversaturation or ensure a range of new stories get noticed instead of disappearing into the ether.

Stunning custom options offer unique views tailored to your site

You've got the animations, you've got the articles, what else could there be to customize? Quite a lot actually! The extensive options included with Highlighter let you set background colors, pick from multiple styles from clean and informative to bright and cheery, and introtext settings let you add labels or other mentioned before the article previews, all fully-configurable and toggable on or off.

Tabbed option pages make modification a breeze

You'll no doubt want to add a personal touch; providing updates for your home city, changing icon sizes, choosing what information to share, or even adding your own CSS styling. This module is ready to go, with comfortable tabbed settings that are cleanly-designed to appeal to all skill levels. You'll know what to do and how to do it with ease, making for an easy-to-build weather block that will have a unique edge.

Responsive for the modern mobile world, with high-level functionality for devs

Like all our module creations, we've ensured that Highlighter meets the needs for the small and touchscreen-based world. No matter the screensize you'll find this module instantly resizes to be understandable without eating up all the available screenspace. Want to delve in and make bigger changes? jQuery and Mootools framework support, suffixes for CSS application and JSON and XML as data source solutions offers more power to experienced users as and when they need it. Get a beautiful news rotator instantly with Highlighter.

What's new?

Joomla! 3.3 compatibility improvements
Fixed problems with the timezone offset, now time offset set to '0' means default website timezone
Added option for the interface position
Fixed problem with article URLs after Joomla! 2.5.17 update
Small improvements in the generated HTML output
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Joomla! 3.5 / 2.5
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