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It's one thing to get users to take the first step and visit your site, but it's a whole different game when it comes to keeping them there. Our News Show Pro module rises to the challenge, effortlessly showcasing the best of your content across multiple visual media formats in eye-catching and clear showcases. Fully-customizable, you have control over every aspect of the showcase. Add multiple pages of articles, create image links with overlaid text, article previews with preview snippets and more in a responsive package that's optimized for the mobile and tablet market.

Enticing content highlights provided by NSP will help reduce your bounce rate

It's every website owner's nightmare; you've managed to get people to visit your site, but they're leaving just as quick as they arrive. In the competitive online market, even a small amount of confusion will lose you a repeat visit or more in-depth site exploration from your users. News Show Pro creates elegant, attractive previews of a range of your content that can be placed in any available module position in your template. More eyes on your content means more curious clicks, and you might just win another fan!

Limitless design possibilities thanks to multiple custom display modes

NSP has received numerous custom portal modes that cover a range of styles, and you can decide exactly how much of your content you want out there for users to see. Make simple text previews, highlighting just the titles and preview snippet of the article. Offer image previews with text overlays, multiple large showcases with images, or single large image with smaller text links to other articles. The possibilities truly are endless, and pagination options mean you can pack a huge range of content into even the smallest piece of screen real-estate for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Create showcases for the full range of visual media

The internet is constantly evolving, and News Show Pro has evolved to accommodate the latest web developments. Custom modes go beyond the basic article preview functionality, offering video previews that open in their own custom overlay on click, or portfolio image grids that open in popups with blown-up images and further information. Each feature is built to run fast and smooth across all devices, and touchscreen support means mobile and tablet users will get the full-size site experience.

Manage your installation to create dynamic updates

The benefits of this module are not just visual; the power and flexibility mean you can craft a truly dynamic website that gives all your latest articles equal billing. Special options let you set each instance of NSP to pull from a different data source; sort articles by category or date, specify particular articles for permanent highlighting, then watch as each instance automatically highlights the latest article releases from their given source, so you can concentrate on content creation. Whether you're starting a large-scale news site that needs to display information from tens of categories, or just keeping a blog with no particular sorting, this spectacular module has the options and power to meet your needs.

In-depth options let you customize to your heart's content

Flexibility is important if you want to stand out from the crowd, so we've packed a ton of options into our flagship module to aid your customization requirements. Set image sizes and decide where the text for the preview needs to go, including into an overlay on the image! Set character limits to previews to keep things looking smooth and easy on the eye, and set your own custom CSS classes to let web designers add their own touch of flair to match your brand image.

Third-party extension support enhances your ecommerce, blog and social sites

It doesn't stop at plain article previews either; we've made sure to integrate support for some of the most popular Joomla extensions on the market. If you're running a VirtueMart-based webshop, you'll be amazed by the incredible flexibility of NSP that creates magnificent product promotion blocks. Prefer the social network stylings of JomSocial? Provide dynamic stream updates to your users with this amazing module. Looking to blog your way to the top? EasyBlog and K2 compatibility means you can preview content from the full range of sources for a diverse website.

List of supported extensions and formats:

K2, Easy Blog, Jomsocial, Komento, Comments, Virtuemart, HikaShop, K2Store, XML, JSON, RSS

Regular updates ensure NSP stays one step ahead

News Show is constantly improving, and you'll find regular updates that add a host of new features and compatibilities, as we'll as bug fix releases that iron out issues for a stable, fast function. No matter the size or purpose of your website, you can't go wrong with NSP. And what's more, you don't have to pay a penny to use it, since it's entirely open-source! Don't wait any longer; download it today and start making magic.

What's new?

Missing one collumn on Link Layout
Doesn't display Image on Link Layout
Show message if choosen component doesn't exist.
Doesn't work with VirtueMart, Hikashop
Doesn't show image in link layout if enable Popup
Security fix - fixed potential SQL Injection
Fixed issue with error 1054 in some configuration cases
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Joomla! 3 / 4.x
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