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Add review score functionality to your site with the GK Ratings review score plugin for Joomla! 3. Add dynamically-animated review score blocks to your articles to let your readers know what's hot on the market!

Expand your blog or ecommerce site functionality

Magazine-style templates are ready-made for news and reviews, but they aren't the only type of website that can benefit. With the GK Rating plugin, you can add stylish review scores to any site, whether you're running an ecommerce shop and want to highlight the best of this year's collection, or just have a small blog and want to drop your thoughts on the pros and cons of a niche product.

Add new review score categories in seconds

Ease-of-use is a priority for the Rating plugin, and you'll find setting up your scores a cinch. With just a simple shortcode you can add your score block anywhere in your content, ready-made and looking good with animated borders. Stick with just a plain overall score, or add a multitude of subcategory scores to give your readers a complete feature breakdown.

Customize your scores with a range of options

Everyone will have their own vision for their reviews; one person might want to put design and accessibility as the key metrics for a good-quality product, while others will look to features and future-proofing instead. The GK Ratings plugin allows for complete customization of the score categories, so you can have product-specific score categories that make sense for your site focus. Set as many subscores as you like, along with options for enabling or disabling the overall score and setting the subscore order; it's simple but effective!

Customize your scores while editing your articles

No need to bounce between multiple configuration pages just to setup the scores; each article can have its own unique block for intuitive modification with the options set in a separate tab on the edit screen. With the flexibility of a shortcode you can add your review scores before the readmore, at the end of the article or anywhere in between. Feel like the default style doesn't match your site aesthetic? Simply disable the default CSS within the plugin configuration and add your own stylization as needed.

Responsive, open-source and completely free

Like all of our plugins and modules for Joomla!, GK Ratings is open-source and can be downloaded and used on all of your sites as you see fit, at no cost. It's one of our little contributions to the Joomla community, so get out there and start reviewing!

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