Insert a Twitter or Facebook Feed in Joomla

With an online world growing ever more social and connected, don't get stuck in the mud; utilize the efficient Social Joomla module to share your range of social profiles, content, activity and more to increase your online clout.

Media sharing and promotion Joomla tool for social networks

Don't be left behind in the social media arms race; whether you want to share your Facebook activity and pages, keep an updated Twitter feed, or link through your Google+ accounts, Social has plugins and multiple layouts that will ensure a strong growth in your online community's presence. Dynamic and exciting, download and use this open-source, free module as you see fit and start making the impact on the net that you've always dreamed of.

Connect your audience to your social network profiles and feeds

You want to expand your online reach beyond your site, so we've provided the tools to do it. Don't just sit and wait for the crowds to come to you; bring traffic to your Facebook page and Twitter and Google+ profiles with this flexible tool. Add blocks easily to your site to encourage users to like and share your website with their friends, expanding your reach and building your fanbase at every step.

Don't just connect, share with activity feeds

Your social presence shouldn't be static; you need a fresh flow of content for users to rely on or you'll be lost in the crowd. Get your interesting posts seen with Facebook activity feeds; place blocks on your site and visitors will see what you've been posting. If you're tweeting regularly, a feed of your latest tweets can show your site visitors that you're posts are worth more than a cursory glance. Alternatively, you can show your favorited tweets, Facebook comments and more to bring your two communities closer together.

Multiple layouts to suit a range of websites

Want a big, bold link to your G+ page, or prefer a smaller, less-intrusive design? Maybe you want to reduce things down to just a simple logo? Each of these options and more are covered in our prepared layouts. Have a clear Facebook link, or a large info block that lets users know how many people have already liked you, plus page details to see if your posting focus matches their interests. There's so many different looks, you'll find the perfect complement to your site's design in no time.

Extensive customization for every skill level

Even newcomers will find adding their own twist easy, with clear options and tooltips to guide you through each options function. Live previews of the Twitter module in the backend as well as 3 different listing styles keep things effortless. For the more experienced, there's Mootools and jQuery support, as well as cookie consent plugin support if you're EU-based and need to meet their strict guidelines. With suffixes you can add your own CSS styles, and configuration saving and importing means you can move configurations between installs to save precious time. Give your users the social experience they deserve with this spectacular free module for Joomla.

What's new?

Joomla! 3.3 compatibility improvements
Complete module rewrite due to facebook and g+ api changes
Update to Twitter v.1.1 API
Added required OAuth authentication for Twitter widget (using tmhOAuth library)
Removed deprecated Twitter widgetsAdded http/https connection to facebook iframe widgets
Removed deprecated facebook Live Stream widget
Added border color value for Like Box widget
Added support for Joomla Update System
Download (J! 2.5)Download (J! 3)
Updated on
Joomla! 2.5 & Joomla! 3.4
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Social GK5 - Best Free Joomla module to promote your social media profiles
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