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Perfect WordPress theme for promoting your mobile or tablet apps.

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Bluap - Responsive mobile app  WordPress Theme

Need an app WordPress theme to show off your latest creations?

Bluap is the full-featured theme for developers, applications and more; fast-loading, clean and beautiful on all devices thanks to responsive design, it’s a great way to drive demand for your apps right up.

Our Image Show widget has been used to create a desirable header slider that displays images and text with slickly-animated transitions for a positive first impression. Extensive but clear and understandable configuration options let you present your slides the way you want.

Present your application in a distinctive way using our gallery wigdet.

Your customers will want to know how your app looks, and hear all about the latest features you’re adding. Our GK News Gallery widget can display a huge amount of screenshots with animated pagination to save on screen real-estate, and our highly-configurable post-preview widget can highlight your latest news articles in multiple styles, with images, titles and text snippets.

You’ll want to look modern without sacrificing page-load speeds; this theme provides both using CSS3-based scroll animations that animates each section into place as the user scrolls. Don’t rely purely on static content to make the sale, give yourself an edge.

Use the custom HTML elements to simplify your work.

Our tabs widget and custom-prepared HTML elements enhance the frontpage with floated text and images to help you list the greatest features your app has available, along with contact information to let your customers stay in touch.

A plethora of customization options free you to make the theme your own, with color switchers, background options for pattern or image-based backgrounds, Google and Squirrel font support and special content like price tables.

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  • Updated on: 11/07/2014
  • Version: 1.3
  • Compatibility: WordPress
  • Layout: Responsive, 2 columns

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