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Bauhaus template is a minimal Joomla template for any type of event, conference, exhibition website featuring Bauhaus design style. The template features a modern one-page design with sections to add your events schedule, events speakers, venues, sponsors, and pricing.

Inspired by the most influential cultural movements of the 20th century - Bauhaus, our latest Joomla Events Template - GK Bauhaus is a perfect choice for your forthcoming event.

A complete solution to build an Events website fast and easy

Joomla events and conference template
Joomla events and conference template

GK Bauhaus is dedicated designed for any workshops, seminars, conferences, events, exhibitions. As the saying goes, first impressions are crucial, so in this Joomla events template, important sections are strongly focused to attract your visitors. All CTAs are noticeable with special square edges, large and legible text, and appear everywhere to boost engagement.

Event speaker page

Joomla template for events speakers
Event Speaker ready to use design

Showcasing your speakers publically inspires the event attendees. The Joomla events template comes with a nicely designed speaker module, page to present them on the site.

  • Speaker list page with highlighted information
  • Each speaker has a detail page using Joomla article
  • Speaker detail page with speaker info, their sessions

Event scheduling page

Bauhaus includes a ready-to-use event scheduling page that is the best way to organize and have more people registered to attend the event. Your timeline will be clearly defined, irrespective of the scale and format of your event.

events scheduling joomla template
Beautiful events scheduling page

Event venues page

event venue Joomla Template
Event venues page

Simple and friendly design for your visitors to quickly check out venues.

And all important Built-in pages for an event and conference website

This event Joomla template brings several built-in pages that you can use to set things up in the least possible time. Change the given demo contents with that of yours

  • Workshop page: effortless access for your visitors to all the essentials information about your workshops into a neat and beautiful format.
  • Pricing layout: smart layout to deeply focus on your pricing plan with the best value you could bring to your customer. No excessive information needed to avoid distraction.
  • Sponsor and Partner: showcasing your events sponsor and partners in a minimal yet professional layout.
  • FAQs: show FAQs of events, registration process and more for your attendees.
responsive events joomla template pricing page
Event pricing page
events joomla template workshop page
Workshop page
joomla events template sponsors page
Sponsors and partner page
joomla events booking template faqs page
FAQs page

Minimal and BAUHAUS design style

Bauhaus design Joomla events and conference template
Bauhaus design style

Simplicity and effectiveness, it’s the essential spirit of Bauhaus that has been carried to the Joomla events template. There’s no need for extra ornamenting, everything will be a simple and clean but yet stunning design to set off your content in a smart way.

A creative one-page layout design

One-page sites are applied to reach the highest visitor engagement. Easily and quickly deliver all your messages and CTAs with just a single scroll down. Along with the Bauhaus style, this Joomla events template promised to make higher conversion rates for your event with a seamless user experience.

One page Joomla template for events and conference
One page Joomla template for events and conference

Fully responsive design

responsive Joomla fitness template
Responsive Joomla template for events website

The new template keeps your website mobile-friendly, speed-optimized, and fully responsive on any device. Every single detail and element is well designed that can work perfectly regardless of what your screen sizes are, be it a tablet, desktop, laptop, or mobile,

The more responsive your website is, the better Google will rank you. Full responsive design guaranteed with the GK app template.

All pages are displayed beautifully in responsive layouts

responsive events joomla template
Responsive Events Joomla template
responsive conference joomla template
Mobile ready Joomla template

All Default Joomla pages are customized and styled to next level.

Joomla default pages for events template
Supports all Joomla default pages

The Joomla events template supports all Joomla default pages with customized styles to be more beautiful and fit the template design.

  • Contact us page - Get connected with an info-packed contact page, including email, contact form.
  • Under Construction page - Build anticipation with this expertly designed under construction page, with a countdown timer Nothing increases urgency, anticipations or conversions more than having this feature.
  • Error page - Custom designed already packed with links to the homepage to get visitors back to where he/she intended to actually go henceforth decreasing bounce rate and increasing User Experience.
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Updated on:
02 May, 2024
Minimum Requirements
Joomla 3, Joomla 4
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