Joomla event templates

Music festivals, business conferences, training days and expos; they may seem like completely different things, but at the core they are all the same thing; events. And no matter what kind of event you're running there's an info-packed template that will cater to your audience and produce the registrations and sign-ups you're looking for.

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Combining the best of our Joomla design skills, honed through years, our Events themes blow the competition out of the water with spectacular layouts and complete features.

For a complete conference solution, rely on the power of Event Manager. Expansive in concept, this evolutionary template combines intuitive tab-based schedule browsing with universal, understandable sign-ups provided via the incredible Eventbrite event ticketing platform. Users can gain every pertinent piece of information within seconds of opening the website; full daily schedule details are instantly available in one click to tempt users into buying a ticket, speakers shine a spotlight on your seminar leads, venue and contact information is provided too; in fact, you can give your users a clear impression of every aspect of your event on just one page. And if there's any confusion, an FAQ section can provide the answers they need!

Or maybe you're more interested in sublime but intriguing looks; if so, then Fest might be right up your street. Combining an animated countdown to place the focus firmly on your festival's start date with a complete speaker module that showcases speakers in an attractive rotator, with complete biography pages provided for attendees to find out more about who they are and what they're bringing to your event. If you're preference is to provide ongoing training opportunities, then you'd be mad not to embrace the power of University. Built for educational establishments but flexible enough to be repurposed easily to suit a range of needs, a combination of events functionality developed for the free K2 article management system for Joomla and support for the premier social networking extension, JomSocial, you can combine community spirit with training and development to bring people together.

These amazing features might seem like overkill, but our philosophy is that you can never stop improving your offerings. That's why all our events themes deliver attractive content for a range of media; add video overlays that open at the click of a button for promotional opportunities, or bring your page to life with animations and hover effects that really bring your page to life. Additional pages round out the content, with acts, sponsors, timetables and more all represented to save you precious time that you can focus on making your conference the best experience it possibly can be. We want you to reach your maximum audience, so we load all our event products with fully-responsive design and touch-friendly layouts that make it easy for users on mobiles or tablets to explore every aspect of your website while enjoying the complete site-experience; no corners cut here, since we understand that every visitor regardless of their browsing device is just as important as the next. Provide your audience with a magical event expeience with our powerful, robust templates.

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