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The world of online shopping is ever-expanding; jump headfirst into the fray with a remarkable collection of ecommerce templates for Joomla that offer the complete functionality you need to get your very own online store up and running with minimal effort. Our range of available layouts provides covers all you'd expect from an online shopping hub, but it also expands the concept in new and exciting ways.

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Enjoy full-on multipurpose store pages that offer multiple tabbed product categories so you can offer everything from clothes to electronics on one site, or drill down your branding to focus on a single product line, with remarkable feature highlights and stylish image blocks to help you sell a lifestyle and not just a device; take a moment to browse through our gallery and discover some of the best Joomla ecommerce themes you're likely to see!

So you've got the basic idea; maybe your going for the single product route, or perhaps focusing on a specific industry such as clothing. Yet your shop isn't going to get very far without the payment, stock and sales functionality to help you manage your inventory and provide a smooth purchasing experience for your customers. Thankfully, our ecommerce offerings includes support for the most popular free Joomla store extension, VirtueMart. Absolutely loaded with options, VM is a complete webshop extension, and we've made sure that every product page, every category listing or manufacturer page have the same elegant style as the theme for seamless transitions, and we've added Ajax-powered shopping carts for instant, real-time updates without the need to refresh the page so your customers get a hassle-free site visit.

If VirtueMart isn't your style, we've added support for multiple alternatives in some of our releases, including K2Store and HikaShop, so you'll be spoilt for choice. But if you think they look good, you should see the special features and stylings we've added to make your store the best it can be. Metro-style grid layouts, product rotators, sliders; all fully-configurable and customizable. Link to your blog, highlight new stock, promote your sales and discounts; everything's been built with with full compatibility with Joomla 2.5 and the latest Joomla 3 build so you can deliver up-to-date content.

It's not just products that get special treatment; each template provides several ways to connect with your customers. Article highlights let you keep users updated, newsletter call-to-actions offer ways to establish a clear client base, and social media sharing lets all aspects of your site get shared across the internet, from FaceBook and Twitter to Google+. The opportunity is there for you to jump in and start an online shop that fills that niche that no-ones found yet; pick a template, and make the dream reality!

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