Free Templates for Joomla

Premium-quality content, features and designs provided without charge, our multiple Joomla free templates offer the same great quality you'd expect from our expert developers, with the added bonus of being completely open-source. That means you can download, modify and use these themes on any website you desire, whether private or commercial.

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When combined with our free modules, you'll be overwhelmed at the sheer scale of customization and features available to you.

We've tailored our complimentary releases to appeal to beginners and experts alike; newcomers to the web-development scene can enjoy crafting complete magazine-style websites that are great for hobbyist websites; post great new articles via the supported K2 article manager extension and join in with your visitors on discussing the big news of the day. For the experts among you, our baseline Meet Gavern template is the perfect jumping-off point for developing an unique website that's all your own, thanks to the in-depth design options provided by our exclusive Gavern Framework.

Create your own layouts, add your own code, and make something truly special for your visitors to enjoy.

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