MyFolio Designer WordPress Theme

A exquisitely-designed WordPress theme for photographers, illustrators and other visuals-focused businesses to showcase their efforts online. The basic functions of WordPress as supplemented by our range of free widgets that add useful benefits for project display, with responsive-web-design helping your site to react beautifully across mobiles and tablets no matter their size.

Create your own distinguish portfolio website with this WordPress theme

The frontpage of MyFolio is kept as clean as possible, relying only on the gallery view and custom login and testimonial areas to put the focus firmly on your work. When working in a media industry, less-is-more can be an effective strategy; let your projects be the star of the show.

Great widgets make for great showcases

The expansive enhancements in our News Show widget introduce a gallery-style mode that displays images only for maximum visual impact, with a subtle fade-out hover animation as an extra bit of style; perfect for showing your photos or visual design projects.

Make your content flashy with multiple layout alternatives.

MyFolio has several page layout options, so you’re sure to find one to suit every article you aim to create. Modern typography options transform your text, with tooltips, buttons, labels, badges, lists, text blocks; there’s a long list of original ways to make your content different from the rest.

Sidebar widget areas add more ways to highlight content and increase views

For sidebar widgets we’ve included our tabs plugin, which lets you display a range of content in individual tabs. This can be plain text, images, or even complex widgets like NSP. Display your work for the world to see; download MyFolio and start creating your portfolio site today.

Multilingual Ready

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Minimum Requirements
WordPress 4.*
Responsive, 2 column


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MyFolio - Photography WordPress Theme
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