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In the case of our extensions installation, it has to be remembered that styles built in them may require CSS styling correction in CSS code of a template given. Of course our templates has built in styles for modules so in this case this problem does not occur.

All our extensions are based on MooTools framework therefore there should not be any problems with compatibility; if other extensions used on a website given also use this framework.

All our extensions have configuration options available from an administrative panel level. Additionally, they can be easily translated with language files use. They can also be overwritten easily as whole XHTML code generated by our extensions is placed in files which are in tmpl catalogs.

In some cases, there are some additional libraries required in order to make the extension work properly: GD library (for generating thumbnails or scaling images) and cURL library (for loading data from external servers). If such a situation happens, availability of these libraries has to be provided.

Moreover, permissions for cache catalogs and their content have t be checked because in the case of too low permissions, probably some extensions may not work properly (partially or completely).

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