A lost of the Joomla modules and extensions we’ve created for Joomla! 1.5

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For Joomla! 1.5

GavickPro makes the following extensions available for Joomla 1.5:

  • PhotoSlide GK3 – a component used to create a slide display for articles used with the Image Show GK1 module.
  • Tabs Manager GK3 – a component used to create groups of tabs for use with the GK Tab module. Content of articles, modules, or XHTML may be placed on the tabs. This is a very useful module for saving Web page real estate.
  • News Show Pro GK4 – an extended and flexible module used to present list of articles which fulfil criteria specified by a user.
  • Stock GK1 – a user-friendly module to display current stock exchange quotes based upon the Google Finance API service.
  • Weather GK1 – easy-to-configure and elegant module used to present weather forecasts for a selected region.
  • News Highlighter GK1 – a module used to present headers and (optionally) article shortcuts determined by criteria specified on a form.

Additionally, as the need arises (such as if a template’s construction and its content requires it) we make the following extensions available:

  • GK Register – a module used to display a registration form; used with templates which have a popup used to register new users.
  • GK JomSocial Stats – a module which presents statistics associated with the JomSocial component.
  • GK JomSocial Members – a module to display user profile information stored by the JomSocial component.
  • Typography plug in – a plugin for use with the articles editor available with every template.
  • Mega Menu plug in – a plugin to manipulate menu parameters such as menu positions and more.

Important note: Extensions accompanying or available for templates are found in the rest_files package of a given template in the modules and plugins catalogs.

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