Stock GK1 stock exchange listing Joomla module

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For Joomla! 1.5

Stock GK 1 is a simple module used to present stock exchange listings. Its functionality is based upon the Google Finance API. The companies and names to be displayed on a chart are defined in the module settings. As it uses an external data source, the cURL library must be installed on the server.

It is important to set an appropriate time for the module cache as too many queries to the Google API site could cause a website ban. An optimal module cache time is also important to shorten the site loading wait time (to counter issues such as queries to external servers introducing delays to the site’s content generation).

More information about the module configuration may be found in the Help File which can be downloaded from here.

Information about the version of this module for Joomla version 1.6/1.7 is located here.

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