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For Joomla! 2.5

We want to inform you about important change. In all new templates based on new Gavern framework which support Responsive Web Design – we did not include & don’t need those cache plugins anymore – because this functionality is built into the template.

So only if you’re using “old” templates you probably still will find it in quickstart packages. When using a quickstart template package, these plugins should be available through a rest_files archive package located in the plugin folder of your Joomla installation. In cases where it is not part of a quickstart template package, these plugins must be installed separately.

The GK Cache and GK ExtCache plugins are necessary when a user wants to use the Cache System with GavickPro templates. These plugins do not have any configuration options (only description text), but there are a few steps to set to ensure they work correctly:

  1. To make the plugins visible ensure they are set as enabled as per the image below:

    Plugins cache

  2. Ensure the plugins are displayed in ‘Plugin Manager’ and sort them in the ‘Ordering’ column.
  3. Ensure the GK Cache plugin is set ahead of the GK ExtCache plugin in the plugin hierarchy.

    Plugins Hierarchy

  4. The last step is to configure Cache in the template’s settings. In the ‘Advanced Settings’ tab be sure the ‘Use GK Cache’ option is set to “ON”:

    Joomla Cache settings

Important Note: If a problem persists with the cache, try refreshing the Web page several times and use the ‘Purge Expired Cache’ option found in the ‘Site>>Maintenance’ menu located in the Joomla Administrator panel.

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