Add image titles in NSP’s Portfolio layout

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For Joomla 3.x

In News Show Pro GK5 default Portfolio view don’t show K2 article titles below image, but sometimes you need this feature. Please note this is module customization, because you have to change a little bit a source code of it. First you have open in editor only one file from NSP module: mod_news_pro_gk5\portal_modes\portfolio\controller.php


In line 39 you have make some changes

echo ''.$this->parent->content[$i]['title'].'</a>';


Save changes and upload & replace “old” file with a “new” one. You have to remember about changes you’ve made if you will update module with new version in the near future, because it may override your changes.

Of course you can add title inside <span></span> if you need for customization purposes.

For example, titles uppercase effect, may look like this:

echo '<span style="text-transform:uppercase;">'


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