“You are a spammer, hacker…” warning on our template demo site

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If you have seen the message “You are a spammer, hacker or an otherwise bad person” on a Gavick page and you are not able to see the selected template/theme demo page – it means that your IP address has been blocked by our Firewall system. This happens usually when someone tries to log on to the back-end of the selected demo page using “/administrator” and the incorrect login and password. We don’t provide access to the administration section for anybody, for security reasons (!).

This means that your IP address will be added to the Blacklist for the demo page and you will immediately get a 403 Forbidden error message upon trying to access our site – This usually after 2-3 attempts to log-in to the administration section. Of course you also will be blocked if you try others hacker’s tricks & attacks against our site – our system will detect such attacks and block you and these requests.

If you want to see how the GK demo works and how the settings look – install the GK Quickstart package for your selected template on your localhost or server.

If you are sure that you didn’t do anything wrong – inform us via the Ticket system. Please include your IP address (use : whatismyip.com to check it) and the exact URL that you are blocked from accessing.

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