Common Joomla template issues regarding third-party extensions

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Often what at first glance appears to be an issue with a Joomla! template may actually be caused by incompatibilities with a third-party extension or module. These issues are not necessarily resolved by being downloaded from an “official” source, simply because the scope and flexibility of Joomla allows for a significant amount of user modification in all aspects of its design; some users want a single tool that takes care of everything for them, whilst others want separated tools that allow for fine-tuning. These wide-ranging needs and expectations means that it’s just not viable for every third-party extension to work perfectly with every template, or for it to be completely compatible with the template at a CSS styles level.

GavickPro’s templates are designed specifically to support some popular extensions like VirtueMart or JomSocial, and such extensions will be styled and adapted to fit with the overall style of the template they are attached to. However, the installation of non-GavickPro extensions may require custom styling to meet your website needs (an exception would be in cases where the extension uses the native classes of Joomla! so the current look is naturally adopted.)

Users occasionally report having problems with scripts. Joomla! natively supports the MooTools Javascript framework, so it’s logical that when selecting extensions one should look to rely on ones which also leverage this framework. This can help prevent conflicts between MooTools and jQuery (another very popular JS framework).

Standardizing on a single javascript framework for your website can actually speed up and make your website more efficient by reducing the data transfers for your site’s users; remember, each additional framework implemented on your website will add overhead to the data transmitted between a site visitor’s internet service provider (ISP) and his/her computer. For those on slower connections or still using dial-up, this could have a tangible impact. Conflicting javascript frameworks on the same Web page, or sometimes even on the same site, can be the source of scripting conflicts.

What to do before contacting GavickPro Support?

Should you come across a problem while using a GavickPro template, please do try to eliminate the possibility that a third-party extension or framework is not the cause. Disabling these and re-testing your template and website first would be most helpful and can save you and GavickPro time and energy. Otherwise, we may simply transfer the problem to the 3rd-party extension’s producer.

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