Configuring HikaShop in the Storefront ecommerce Joomla template

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The StoreFront template now contains the HikaShop eCommerce component support. This article will describe few configuration details necessary for the proper component configuration.

Component configuration

We have attached screenshots of the HikaShop component configuration details for the most important tabs with settings:

Category page configuration

After creating menu items for category listing pages, the category view should be configured as below:


Product listing configuration

The products listing page should be configured as example listed below:


Please remember that not all styles are supported for the category and products listings. If specific listing style is not supported then the proper information will be displayed on the component subpage.

Template configuration

All users who upgraded their StoreFront template to the newest version, should also upgrade their template settings – especially the fonts settings.

Additionally the list of the scripts which should be excluded from the JS compression is longer after adding two files: hikashop.js and vote.js.

HikaShop support in News Show Pro GK5

News Show Pro GK5 v.1.5 contains built-in support for displaying HikaShop categories and products.

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