Modifying the footer of our Joomla templates.

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Page’s footer generally consists of three elements:

  • Lower menu
  • Content of the page footer
  • Styles’ template switcher

In order to change page’s footer, there is a copyright option in Features tab in template’s options:

Coffe - Administration

In order to modify lower menu, a menu which is assigned to module on footer_nav position has to be fund. This menu is a duplication of part of main menu positions.

Styles’ template switcher (if there is available in a given template), can be switched off very easily by Style switcher option which is above of the copyright option.

Coffe - Administration-1-1

It is worth mentioning about one more thing; sometimes footer’s parameters may differ from our needs or we just need the footer to be multilingual without multiplying a template. Then, footer content has to be modified in a template’s code. A code connected with a footer is in layouts/blocks/footer.php file.

e.g. in order to provide support for footer’s multilingualism without multiplying a template, the following fragment:

<?php if($this->getParam('copyrights', '') !== '') : ?>
<p id="gkCopyrights">
<?php echo $this->getParam('copyrights', ''); ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Has to be replaced with:

<p id="gkCopyrights">
<?php echo JText::_('GK_TEMPLATE_FOOTER', ''); ?>

Please, do remember to add GK_TEMPLATE_FOOTER element to language files.

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