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Unlike to the default articles component, K2 has integrated (built-in) comment system is easy to use and requires little configuration. Comments feature can be enabled or disables, also can be protected by reCaptcha system – more about in following guide.

K2 - part of the comment box

K2 – part of the comment box

The comment field is made up of several fields: required (Message, Name and Email) and optional (Website URL). When the user is logged in, practically does not need to fill in fields relating to his profile (Name and Email) – as they are grabbed from user account.

How to hide Website URL field

Optional field in comment box can be hidden only by php modification or using simple CSS hidding class:

.itemCommentsForm label.formUrl, 
.itemCommentsForm #commentURL {display:none;}

How to get access to all added comments

All comments are stored in database this same as articles does, so any administrator can manager them from Comments tab in back-end of K2 component. By default new added comments are waiting for admin approval. So you have to publish them or you can change settings.

K2 - Comments Manager

K2 Comments Manager – comment added by unregistered user

You can manually Publish/Unpublish selected comments or edit their content using [edit] button in first column.

K2 - editing comment content

K2 – editing comment content

How to change main K2 comments system settings

If you want to change particular parameters within the commenting system, such a comments publications options or enable reCaptcha you have to use “Parameters” button which can be find in top-right corner. First, K2 allows comments to be published automatically by default. I would recommend you to disable that – if you don’t want to get hundreds of spam comments every day. Or you can use Enable reCaptcha: – this is an anti-spam feature. You’ll need to sign up for reCaptcha to use this.

k2 parameters

K2 parameters

How to enable/disable comments in selected category

You can make this change quickly and easily.

  1. Open K2 Dashboard and select Categories tab.
  2. Open for edit your master category.
  3. Scroll down on your right (Parameters) and select Item view options.
  4. Scroll down to the option shown as follows:
    To allow Comments to check Show.
    To disallow Comments to check Hide.
K2: Enabling/Disabling comments in a category

K2: Enabling/Disabling comments in a category

Each of these can be overridden at the sub-category and Item level.

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