Solved: “Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID” Joomla Issue

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If you have used a Joomla! QuickStart package and you’ve deleted all the “demo” users – the Joomla! system could be ‘disappointed’ because it would now have a problem to associate previously-created content or added items to the user, which no longer exists. It’s like a book without an author (on the cover); something is missing/wrong. That’s why you might see the “Warning JUser: :_load: Unable to load user with ID:532″ message. There are multiple fixes for this issue but some of them require code hacking – we prefer only 100% universal and safe solutions.

How to fix “Unable to load user” without reinstalling whole Joomla! Quickstart

Relax, it can be fixed without reinstalling the whole Quickstart – so you will not lose any changes or added content. If you deleted the user permanently all you have to do is create a new user and add the missing ID to him. Please follow these instructions:

  1. Using the User Manager create a new User – with Administrator rights – it means that User must be assigned to at least to the “Administrator” group as a minimum.


  2. Unfortunately You can’t choose which ID a user will have before it’s created. But, once that user is created, you can change its ID.
    Note what ID the newly-created user will have, as it is important information we’ll shortly require again.
  3. Now please backup your database before making any modifications to it!
  4. Open your Joomla database using the PHPMyadmin tool or use one of the extensions described here.
  5. In your configuration.php file check what database prefix you have used for this installation.


  6. Now in your DataBase Manager tool (check point 4) use the search option and search for the “#_users” table – where “#” is your Joomla! database prefix. Or just scroll through the whole screen until you find this:


  7. Change that user’s ID to 532 (or whatever ID given by your error message) in the #__users table. Remember to Save changes.


  8. Now find the “#_user_usergroup_map” table. Find and open (click “Edit” icon) the record with the “group_id” value; change the value to 532, then click the “Save” button.


  9. That’s all, the issue should be fixed.
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