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OnePage layout Menu links in our Joomla templates

The one-page layout is one of the popular web design trends to have taken the Internet by storm in 2013. Obviously, single page websites have been around since the Internet became popular, but the graphic concept has evolved to create a better UX (User Experience). So, by using a top menu users don’t have to… Continue reading →

Using multiple columns in the Joomla main menu

You have probably seen menu items separated into two, three or more columns inside the Menu; by adding this ability to an easily accessible navigation area, web designers may combine a professional look with increased navigational capabilities. In this guide we will show you how to create such a useful sub-menu.

Customize your Joomla main menu’s font with ease

This article describes how to customize the way users see menu by choosing your preferred font styles, size and colors. You can change the font in any part of Joomla Gavick template (for example, Main menu).

Add flair to your Joomla menu with effective icons

One of the fundamental things in Joomla web design in reference to usability is navigation. By default our templates’ use of colors, highlights and mouse-over effects simplifies detection of the items that are being searched by the user.

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