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The Basic settings of GavernWP allows the basic parameters for a page’s display to be specified:


The first option is used to determine a color for the theme. Various fields may appear based upon the content of the styles.json configuration file.

When more than one theme style has been defined, you may make the option for a style-switcher available to users of the website. Using the style-switcher, a website user could choose a theme style from those available.

The “Use header image” option is used to specify whether images exist in cases where no widgets have been switched on in the header widget position. Images may be specified via a theme’s live editor in a Header Image section.

The following two options are related to switching on the breadcrumbs elements of a website. The following option settings are available:

Enabled, Disabled and Conditional rule. A rule must be set using PHP language Conditional Tags and logic operators in a Conditional rule field, e.g. a rule displaying a breadcrumbs element on the homepage and in the “Meet GavernWP” category will be in the following form:

is_homepage() || is_category('Meet GavernWP')

The “Show mainbody widgets instead of blog posts on the homepage” option is useful when you want to place a widget instead of entries on the homepage. To enable this, you must switch it on in the mainbody widget position and assign a widget in place of the standard list of WordPress-generated posts.

The last option from this first section is “Show author info”, which allows for the display of information about the post’s author under each post in the following format:

Basic Setting - User Info

Include/Exclude section

Sometimes you don’t want to show the author info-box on all pages, that’s why we prepared this section, which allows you to configure the inclusion or exclusion of specific pages or categories from showing the author block.

  • Include/Exclude mode – where you can choose one option: Disable on all pages, Include only specified articles/categories or Exclude specified articles/categories.
  • Included/Excluded articles – it allows you to specify the list of comma-separated article IDs/title/slugs, for example, 5,10,15 or post-title5,post-title10 etc.
  • Included/Excluded pages – it allows you to specify the list of comma-separated pages IDs/title/slugs, for example, 5,10,15 or page-title5 etc.
  • Included/Excluded categories – it allows you to specify the list of comma-separated category IDs/title/slugs, for example, 5,10,15 or category-title5 etc.
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