WordPress development: GavernWP Framework structure

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Gavern Framework

The GavernWP Framework has an extensive file structure. Although similar to the standard file structure used for the majority of GavickPro themes, additional elements are included in support of additional functions.

Following is the overall outline of the catalog (folder) and file structure:

  • theme’s catalog This folder includes all basic files and catalogs for a theme. To easily identify them in the file structure, Custom Pages template names include a “template.” prefix.
  • css All CSS files for a theme are stored here. These files are described in detail in an entry about the framework’s CSS code.
  • back-end All CSS files associated with the administration panel are located in this catalog.
  • fonts This catalog is used for storing files with additional fonts. Note that each font must have its own catalog, including a stylesheet.css file. Additional information about font service is included in an entry about Fonts in an administration panel.
  • gavern This catalog includes the base of the whole GavernWP framework.
  • cache_nsp Cached images from GK News Show Pro widget.
  • classes Files with supporting classes used in the framework’s code.
  • config Files supporting the framework’s configuration. Additional catalogs used for making translations.
  • form_elements Includes a main file with code which generates basic form elements in an administration panel, as well as catalogs with user-created elements.
  • helpers A collection of classes connected with specific framework’s tasks, e.g. generation of layout fragments.
  • layouts Files used for generating the HTML code of an administration panel.
  • options Files which store options of particular sections of a theme’s administration panel. Similar to the config catalog, additional catalogs are used for making translations.
  • images Graphic files used with a template.
  • back-end Files associated with an administration panel.
  • headers Default header’s images.
  • post_formats Images associated with blog entry formats.
  • js JavaScript script files used in a theme.
  • back-end As in the css and images catalogs, these files are for use in an administration panel.
  • templates Additional JavaScript files used within Custom Pages.
  • widgets JavaScript files used by GK Widgets.
  • languages Main files used to create translations.
  • layouts Files used to generate subpages. They include frequently-used elements; e.g. a head section.
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