Customize your WordPress Theme in real-time with the live editor

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Gavern Framework

GavernWP provides basic support for a new option introduced from WordPress 3.4 – an options editor with theme preview. Now, the most important options associated with a theme’s style and layouts have been implemented to a live editor.

To make it more accessible, we’ve placed a direct link to this editor into the top part of the theme options (next to the social media):

theme live editor meetgavern

All options included in this editor are also available via the traditional theme options panel.

To make it easier to add your own options to a live editor, code generating options have been placed into a separate file: gavern/helpers/helpers.customizer.php.

All options and settings from a live editor are stored in the same place as their equivalents from an administration panel; as a result, settings changed through the live editor trigger changes in an options panel. This is why we recommend not using the traditional administration panel and the WP live editor at the same time. Saving options with varying values in two different places may not give you the expected results.

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