Creativity One Page Joomla Template

A fresh, exciting new take on a photography website, perfect for photographers or artists to create a little corner of the internet just for their creations. With special features especially for displaying your photo collection, an interesting full-screen header that can be customized with images, icons and text with animations, and a quick and easy contact form, this one-page theme is perfect for growing your project's reach.

Share your art using this stunning Portfolio Joomla Template

Sublime design makes for a superb template that can also be used by design agencies or self-employed creators to show-off their projects. The header includes supreme flexibility; add icons, animate them, use images or plain colors for backgrounds, and use buttons to draw users further in. You have complete control of every step of those crucial first moments when a customer reaches your website, provided by our Image Show extension.

Large, visually-satisfying previews for your photos, images, or articles

Once a user is ready to get into your content, they can scroll down as a smooth collapse animated effect closes the header and reveals what you do; here your latest articles and images are the focus; unobscured images to draw the eye with a ‘load more’ button for further exploration. Our NSP module provides the functionality with a wide range of options for superior layout stylization.

One-page template design lets customers go from first impression to contact in seconds.

The one-page layout of Creativity pulls users in with the impressive header, shows your work in the what we do section, and then provides vital information about your experienced team, testimonials and contact details via custom HTML sections that have been carefully-styled to impress. Your visitors can see your collection, verify your experience and contact you for more information without a single page load for faster turnaround.

Pushing creativity further with responsiveness and advanced options and typography

Frame your pictures with the extra options provided by our Gavern Framework, that powers our templates. Modify fonts, including support for Google and Squirrel fonts, change layouts and colors, and utilize a selection of formatting such as floated text blocks, numbered lists and text highlights. Icons are provided by the popular Font Awesome icon set, that includes hundreds of scaleable icons covering every subject under the sun. What's more, Creativity is fully-responsive so all users on all devices get the same experience.

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Updated on:
27 Sep, 2023
Minimum Requirements
Joomla 3, Joomla 4
Responsive, 3 columns


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Creativity - One Page Photography Joomla Template
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