Extensions & Modules for Joomla! 1.7/2.5

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For Joomla! 2.5

At the moment, GavickPro makes available the following extensions for Joomla! 1.7/2.5:

  • Image Show GK4 – a module which is the follower of Photoslide GK3 component. Thanks to built in images management, an additional component for creating showy slides displays is redundant.
  • Tabs GK4 – a module which is the follower of Tabs Manager GK3 module. Similarly to Image Show GK4, it has an integrated functionality offered by an additional component – in this case; managing tabs.
  • News show Pro GK4 – an extended module displaying articles’ shortcuts in an attractive form. Perfect basis for creating templates’ content.
  • Stock GK4 – a module for displaying stock exchange quotations based on Google Finance API service
  • Weather GK4 – a module presenting weather forecast in an attractive way with Google Weather and Yahoo! Weather API services use.
  • Highlighter GK4 – a module used for presenting articles’ shortcuts fulfilling criteria specified in the form of an animated bar.
  • FB GK4 – a module allowing to integrate possibilities offered by Social plug ins in an easy way. It is the perfect addition for Social API included in Gavern Framework.

Moreover, depending on template’s needs, the following extensions are made available:

  • GK Register – a module allowing to display registration form, e.g. in a popup.
  • Typography Plugin – a plug in adding a button in an article editor which allows to use the typography of a template given very easily.
  • reCaptcha Plugin – a plug in giving the possibility of adding reCaptcha registration on a website.
  • Extra Menu Plugin – a plug in adding an extra setting tab while creating new menu positions. Thanks to this, Extra Menu potential used in our templates can be used fully.
  • Facebook Authentication Plugin – a plug in essential when we want to place “Connect with Facebook” button on a website which is the part of Social API. It allows to log in on our website with the data shared with Facebook service.
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