Renaming Joomla template folders on your server

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Since Joomla 1.5 there have been big changes in the Joomla! Template Manager. Right now you cannot rename a folder by using FTP to change its name, because information regarding the folder is stored in different locations. This is because the Joomla! template is treated as an extension, so some information is in the database as well as in the files.

There are a few solutions to this issue, but here we will use the simplest method, using a new GK template package that has just been downloaded from our website.

  1. Rename the zip filename
  2. Rename the folder filename inside the zip
  3. Now rename all folder names from “gk_creativity” to (for example) “gk_new” in the templateDetails.xml file. In the xml you need to change the folder name in several places, that’s why we suggest you use the Search & Replace tool to search for ‘gk_TemplateName’ and replace it with ‘gk_new’ in your favorite text editor (Notepadd++ or other) – to be sure that you didn’t miss one of them.
  4. Rename the language file according to new name, for example, gk_new\language\en-GB.tpl_gk_new.ini
  5. Repack and check that all changes have been saved.
  6. Install as a new template (!)

Joomla templates Manager

Of course it won’t change the description of the template inside the first tab, if you would like to change this you have to edit the templateDetails.xml file.

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