Customization Tips

Modify your Joomla template colors to suit your branding

Joomla 3: Easy Ways To Speed Up your site

Adding a new module position to Joomla Template

Making your own intro for the Creativity one-page template

Joomla Multilanguage sites: Finding or adding a module position for a language switcher

Changing the hover cursor icon for links and menu items in your Joomla site

Joomla module position widths: Define your own custom sizes in our templates

Let users change module content without Joomla admin access

Adding or Deleting Joomla Template Styles

Removing module zoom and lightbox hover effects in our Joomla templates

OnePage layout Menu links in our Joomla templates

Setting up basic RTL text in our Joomla templates

Customizing your Joomla template logo

How to transfer JomSocial community layouts between Joomla templates

A guide to changing the height of the menu bar in our Joomla templates

Customizing our Joomla templates’ 404 error pages

Aligning the cart button in the VirtueMart Joomla extension’s product view

Modify your Joomla modules to make them full-width

Renaming Joomla template folders on your server

Diversify your CSS styles with module class suffixes

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