Customization Tips

Add a personal touch to your Joomla templates with custom CSS rules

Make big changes to your Joomla site & template with custom code

Customize your Joomla website’s background image and color with these hints

Turn off HTML filters in Joomla to protect your custom code

Using simple CSS rules to modify your Joomla template design

Add diverse background images across your Joomla site’s pages

Our Joomla modules use Font Awesome icons, and you can too

Customize your Joomla main menu’s font with ease

Add flair to your Joomla menu with effective icons

Add a sticky footer area to our Joomla templates with this simple CSS

Use print & email icons to make your Joomla site more understandable

Bolster our Joomla templates with a range of Squirrel and Google fonts

Use our Tabs GK5 module for joomla to add complex & interesting tabbed video content

How to add or change the Social Icons

Get a flashy first impression with full page image backgrounds

Use trademark symbols in the title areas of our Joomla templates

Add Joomla modules into your article’s content with this tutorial

Adding your own content to the Fest Joomla template’s event countdown header

Add a small touch of flair to your Joomla-powered website with an animated favicon.

Adjusting the color scheme of your Joomla template

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