Images from the Joomla demo site not included with the quickstart template package?

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Yes, we don’t include in our Quickstarts packages photos from Template Demo. Instead we have included placeholder images (blank “GK DEMO”) for each instance. We we assume that our customers have their own pictures, which better fit to their project goals. Presented images are not licensed to be distributed with the Gavick Quickstart.


But, don’t worry, because you have alternatives:

  1. Use your own photos (legal & no extra costs).
  2. Buy pictures from international microstock website such as: shutterstocks, stockphoto, depositphotos etc.
  3. Use photos which are licensed as Creative Commons – there are a good number of free alternatives you can use instead.
  4. Hire photographer or just ask your client for them.

Unless the image is in the public domain or you are the copyright holder, you have to consider the use(s) granted by the copyright holder or license restrictions before you would use it.

Almost all photos are limited to private use, unless the photographer has provided express permission (a written license detailing how you can use it) or the photograph is in the public domain. With public domain images you’re free to use them in any way and in most cases you don’t have to provide attribution.

There are also several photo-sharing sites where users can allow others to download and use images under one of the several Creative Commons licenses for example on or sites as

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