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Modify your Joomla modules to make them full-width

If you want to use the “Full Width” option for a Joomla! module without keeping space around (up – down – left – right) – you have to use additional suffix (class) or override default Gavick template style, but second method would be more practical especially if you want to use for whole site. Both… Continue reading →

Make big changes to your Joomla site & template with custom code

If you want to insert custom code: JavaScript, PHP, HTML or CSS code (including banners or text ads like Google Adsense) in Modules or directly in the template (header/body) you have to use additional extension(s) for Joomla 2.5 or Joomla 3. Some of them can also display random HTML-code in the content of your website.

Add diverse background images across your Joomla site’s pages

Joomla’s templates generally have the same background style (image/color) for each and every page. By applying additional extensions to a specific page (various menu item) the background can be styled individually from the others, increasing the variety of your design without resorting to using multiple template styles.

Get a flashy first impression with full page image backgrounds

Over the last few years there have been a few solutions, some of them using javascript and some not. In these modern times with modern browsers I suggest you use the CSS3 background-size property feature. This method is cross-browser compatible and doesn’t require any jQuery or flash.

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