What does GavickPro’s VIP support for Joomla or WordPress provide?

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If you have purchased a VIP support package, then you now have access to our highest level of customer care. This is a special service above-and-beyond our standard forum support channel, which provides an individual incident management system staffed by a dedicated support team of senior web developers standing by to resolve your problems quickly. We aim to provide a rapid response, usually within a few hours, during our European hours of operation (GMT+1).


The most important features of VIP support are:

  1. Rapid response to any technical queries, with lower waiting time than the support forum (usually from 1 to 6 hours for standard queries; for complex issues addition time may be required).
  2. All questions are submitted as tickets, so there is a log of communication. This helps to prevent confusion and lets you keep track of all replies; extremely useful if you’ve covered multiple issues over several responses and need to follow the solution from the start. This system also allows us to track response time, employee performance and customer satisfaction so that we can continually find ways to improve our service.
  3. Wider, more in-depth customer support. With VIP Support our developers will assist you with:
    1. quickstart package installation / simple package installation
    2. minor custom work such as changes to the structure of the page, modifications to the appearance of specific template elements, adjustments to page structure etc…
    3. consult on more complex configuration issues and performance and design queries.

What happens when my VIP package expires?

You can purchase the VIP package again on the following page: VIP Support

How can I get professional help if I don’t have Developer Membership ?

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