What is the difference between a WordPress theme and the quickstart package?

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Sometimes the installation of a GK theme makes you feel a little bit disappointed that your WordPress website still does not look as good as the demo. In WordPress, the content is completely separate from the format, so you can change themes at any time without having to alter your content.

To help novice users with configuration of CMS – we provide packages called QuickStart. A quickstart is basically a fully functional and ready for customization WordPress package containing widgets/plugins and the chosen theme with all the configuration and demo data in one place.

Quickstart = WordPress (the latest stable version) + Theme + Widgets + Images* + demo content included

Because the quickstart is a full installation, including WordPress, you should not attempt to install it like any other WP theme (from the WP Back-end) through the installed WordPress, because it won’t work like that. If you only need the theme, download it and install.

Useful tips:

If you’ve done the installation correctly the front-end of your WP site should look like our demo site. If you are still having trouble using this product, we recommend you check the other posts in this category or ask for help via our support forum. You can always request support from us, but please bear in mind that advanced customization is not considered regular theme support.

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