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Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:09 pm

When i click on the topmenu, my heading looks like screendump 1 (see dump1.jpg), red and little space below, as defined in h2.contentheading,

live link:

http://www.emotivate.nl/website/index.p ... management

when i click on the categoriemenu on the right my content heading changes in to grey as defined in table.contentpaneopen td, and has more space (see dump2.jpg) when a change the color of h2.contentheading, the body text changes also.

live link:
http://www.emotivate.nl/website/index.p ... gementteam

I want h2.contentheading to by the same as h2.contentheading, and leave the body text as it is.

Kind regards Matthijs
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