Must Read: New Unified System is officially live

Hi Guys, Today we have migrated Gavick members to our New Unified Portal. Read this announcement carefully as it affects everyone. Gavick New Unified Portal is Live

Missed news on the Unified Portal?

Read this Introductory blog post: Everything you need to know about our New Unified Portal

How does the Unified Portal affect you?

Read this launch announcement:

IMPORTANT : Usernames and password merging process :

  1. JoomlArt data take precedence over migrating usernames/passwords.
  2. JoomlArt users were first migrated to the new system.
  3. Today we imported gavick users but we match the emails to see if the user already exists. If yes, then we import only the membership info.
  4. Only one password is retained in the new system and that password would be from the first imported data, merge and compare will only import membership, plan info and permissions.
  5. Example: If you have an account on JoomlArt and also on Gavick with the same email. Then the username and password of JoomlArt will work for you. Only the membership info from gavick will be merged on import.

My login is no longer working?

  1. Read above section “username / password merging process” and make sure you are doing it right. Password reset is not required.
  2. Don’t panic. Send the quick email to [email protected] and we will help you out.
  3. You can always login to old gavick systems via this link:

What’s changed?

Support Forums
  1. The Support will now be handled by the Unified Portal forums.
  2. Please post new support queries in new system.
  3. The gavick forum would still be available for continuing old discussion before we make it read only.
  1. Downloads are also handled by the new Unified Portal and can be accessed from the user dashboard.
  2. The download section of gavick will be redirected to the new portal.
Login to
  1. Login link has been redirected to the new Unified Portal.
  2. You can always login to old via this link :
Lifetime users ticket support :
  1. They can login to new helpdesk and access the lifetime support category to continue their support queries.
  2. The old helpdesk would be discontinued soon.
Pricing plans :
  1. We have standardised the new pricing plans across all our template clubs (Gavick, JoomlArt & JoomlaBamboo). You can view the new pricing plans here.
  2. Feel free to raise a ticket in the new helpdesk OR send quick email to [email protected] and we would be glad to assist you.
Everything that you need to know has been covered in the Launch Blog Post :

Contact us :

  1. Raise ticket in HelpDesk
  2. Or send email to [email protected]
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This article was first published March 9th, 2018