Integrating Gravatar with the Joomla com_content component

When building your online presence it pays to have a easily-recognizable avatar, and with Gravatar you can instantly access your unique image on sites across the web. Joomla websites don’t include this feature as standard, but integrating it is easy in this simple developer’s tutorial.

Fullscreen background slideshow module in Joomla 1.7

Certainly there are many ways to dynamically change the page background. Although current trends in webdesign suggest the use of small amounts of special effects, however, sometimes use a simple slideshow in the background, you can beautify the look of the website.

How to improve modules, and what changes has brought to us Joomla 1.6

Any version of Joomla comes packed with dozens of built-in modules that offer many possibilities, which skillfully used cause that you can build many different types of websites. Most of the items you can around the edge of front page are modules; even the menu or login form is a module. This can be compared to a building with Lego bricks. Yes, do you still feel this sentiment to a youthful playground?