Easter Sale now on with massive 30% off all Gavick themes

Easter has arrived, and it’s time for celebration, family gatherings and far too many sweets, cakes and chocolate. If you’ve been holding off on starting your website or expanding your web development business, now’s the perfect time to recharge and begin again with renewed vigor.

Responsive Web Design – necessity or fashion

Most new, but conscious client wants a mobile version of their website. A few months ago most of web designers have suggested building a separate mobile template. However, because of the large number of mobile devices it was a difficult task. For many websites, creating a mobile version for each resolution and new device would be impossible or sometimes impractical.

Wappalyzer provides stats for CMS’, including Joomla

A few years ago to find out what CMS was built visited by us website you had to know the characteristics of a particular content management system. Since when available is Wappalyzer that knowledge recedes into the background.

MemSQL – 80 000 Queries per Second

Two former Facebook developers have created a new database (MemSQL) that they say is the world’s fastest and a video to demonstrate its superiority compared to MySQL.

Google Maps API – Become Cheaper

Can we talk about failure of another Google? People do not want to pay for something that was so far free. Company from Mountain View failed to maintain current prices for access to the Google Maps API.

Google Defends Users on the Wild, Wild Web

Here is a sobering statistic: On a daily basis, Google identifies about 9500 dangerous websites (nearly 300,000 per month!) — triple the number found only two years ago. Threats detected include sites which distribute malware and those involved with phishing for personal information. Niels Provos, a member of the Google security team, recently announced this through their blog.

The Evolving Web User

The popularity of certain websites, particularly news-related sites, has been on the decline. This is largely due to the proliferation of websites competing for attention. I believe the number of users regularly using a single news or information portal is not declining, but rather that visitors are not committed to remaining for very long at the same information site.

The Web is for Seniors, Too!

It has become common knowledge that the Internet can help to improve one’s quality of life and even allow for personal development. However, we typically associate the functions and services enabled through the Web as being for the younger crowd – the modern generation.