Weekend Updates: 3 Joomla templates and 2 WordPress themes updated

This week, we have released 3 Joomla templates: GK News Refreshed, GK Music, GK Creativity template for Joomla 3.8.3 compatibility, 3rd party extension upgrade and bug fixes.We also updated two WordPress themes GK Technews and GK Box. Please check release details below: gavick weekend updates

Release Changelog:

GK MusicState template version 3.22

  • Got notice error on home page
  • Menu is not highlighed when it’s actived
  • Missing edit and print icons on the detail article page
  • Got deprecated error in gk5 module
  • Article title on search result page displays error
  • Some module positions are hidden on home page when view tp=1
  • Got deprecated error when click on Sign up link on login popup
  • Should restyle email popup
  • Missing print icon print preview page
  • Cant hide contact information on contact page
  • Cant show custom field on contact page
  • Got notice error on tag page
  • Easyblog – Featured slide displays not like demo
  • JS – Got css error on notifications page
  • JS – Should realign buttons on friend request popup
  • K2 – Got css error on k2 detail blog page when view on iphone
  • JS – Comment box displays error on iphone/ipad
  • [Easyblog] Got css error on featured slide when view on iphone
  • Easyblog – Font size of title blog post is too big on iphone
  • Easyblog – Got scrollbar on blog post when view on iphone

GK News Refreshed template version 3.23

  • Cant show gavern framework in template manager after upgrade joomla
  • Got warning error on news show pro gk5 module
  • GK Weather module is not working on joomla 3.8
  • Some module positions are hidden on home page when view tp=1
  • Got error on single article page
  • Navigation on page break page displays error css
  • Social icon displays error on iphone
  • Got css error on email popup
  • Got error on category list page
  • Missing image on featured article
  • Article title on search result page displays error
  • Missing avatar image on k2 article page
  • Got 404 errorr when view k2 user page
  • Got scrollbar on module variations page when view on iphone
  • Cant open social links on iphone

GK Creativity template version 3.23

  • Upgrade Joomla 3.8, K2
  • Enlarge the Fields of Send Email window
  • K2 User page lead to 404
  • Get Error on Single news Feed
  • Search doesn’t show the Title right
  • CSS error on Create New Article
  • Can’t Edit Module at Homepage
  • Some error on Edit Article
  • Get error on Tagged Items Page
  • Restyle for Calendar on Custom Fields of Article edit
  • Get error on Tag Page
  • Iphone Landscape: Content overlay on Slideshow
  • Iphone Potrait: Restyle for table on Header Variation Page
  • Iphone landscape: CSS error on Login part
  • CSS error on Edit Profile Page
  • No active style for submenu

GK Technews For WordPress version 1.5

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9
  • Get error when install Plugin
  • Newsletter Pop up show doesn’t right
  • Go to the Top shows not nice on Chrome
  • Some setting of News Show Pro Plugin don’t work
  • Get error on Typo page

GK Box For WordPress version 1.2.1

  • Improvements connected with WooCommerce update
  • PHP7 issues fixed
  • Improve style for Text form
  • Update TGM Plugin Activation
  • Compatible with WP 4.9+

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This article was first published December 22nd, 2017